Financial Freedom from Worry: What We Know & Believe

We do not know what will happen next. We never know. That is why we build detailed income plans first -- before putting one penny at risk for growth.

Making bold predictions is about trying to BE right and motivated by ego. Wanting to GET IT right is all we care about, motivated by serving our partners.

We plan around more “What ifs…?” than you could imagine. What we do know is the most important ingredient for unusual success is to always be curious and never convinced.

Planning Beats Predictions

It was far more dangerous for the crowds to NOT worry a year ago or the year before that, than it is to worry today. We do not enjoy the company of crowds. We never try to time exits and entries perfectly. We plan ahead of time so that is never necessary.

One of the Holy Grails of investing is the ability to say this: I don’t know. Because you don’t have to if you have a disciplined plan. Intense and careful planning gives birth to uncommon peace of mind -- when others are losing theirs.

The first question we ever ask every single new partner is: how much do you have completely removed from harm’s way? It always surprises them when our answer is that it should be more.

Social Distancing From the Investing Crowd

We have deep dives posted on our website about the only two questions we all share in common in the investing world. Let the crowds chase predictions from panics, to alter complicated allocations.

We have always enjoyed the social distancing of informed simplicity for the two biggest questions: (1) Am I Going to Be Okay? and (2) How Much is Enough?

We answer those two questions before any plan is agreed upon. No crisis can threaten well-deserved peace of mind money.

The third question is the one that we have wonderfully different answers to that makes this incredible world go around: (3) What Do You Believe?

Your Ticket For Uncommon Success

We have the incredible luxury of believing whatever we want. For some, that is a deep Faith (our hand in the air). Some believe the good ole days are gone. We agree, but only because better days are ahead. You must believe in something so strongly that any disaster is just a pothole to get there.

We believe in capitalism for good, which has provided surprising cures to many problems. This belief is a ticket needed to achieve tremendous success as investors.

You must believe in the rising standard of living around the world. If you do not believe that will occur, there is absolutely no reason to invest. If you do believe (both our hands in the air), then a crisis is the price of admission. Solving problems is the best thing we do.

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