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When a shopkeeper solves a problem more customers arrive.

Then, even more people are rewarded. That’s the purpose.

Annie Duke, not an economist by Krueger and Catalano in Houston, Texas.

Daddy isn’t Economics what you do?” #3 asked.

“Not really honey,” I answered.

There are a lot of things I will never forget about April 2020, including my middle daughter studying Economics at our dinner table. All my kids know I do not help with homework. But, I love talking through each of our biggest challenges of the day, during dinner. That table got a lot of action this month.

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We do not know what will happen next. We never know. That is why we build detailed income plans first -- before putting one penny at risk for growth.

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If there are two recent charts that best illustrate what a crisis can cause in the Stock Market, these would be our nominations.

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There are more than enough Tortoise and Hare investment products to choose from, and even more investment analogies drawn from this great race.

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We ask a lot of questions. Managing money requires humility and punishes over-confidence. If there is one word that best summarizes what built our investment business, it would be this: curious. We are always curious, and never convinced.

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The city of New York needed to build a canal in 1812. It borrowed enough money for construction and guaranteed the return of investors’ original principal with the full backing of the city’s taxing authority. That is how the General Obligation Municipal Bond was born.

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After a long winning streak in Las Vegas, you might take a couple big chips off the table to slide deep in your pocket. If you don’t see them anymore, you won’t risk losing them. Conservative or aggressive, tourist or gambler, almost all can agree that kinda makes some sense.

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A Health Savings Account (HSA) is the most underrated little planning tool with big upside. The first, second, and third reasons are that an HSA is the only triple-tax-free account in the investing world.

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If it helps the best savers out there not cringe at the concept of spending more money, let me explain why I call vacations my Adventure Capital account. It may also help to know that I do not like spending it; I choose very carefully how to invest it, and the returns have been spectacular.

Here’s the reality. There is an over-crowded supply of things that can go wrong on expensive, commercialized vacations. I’m not talking about any of these, though you may have a similar memory as Chevy Chase in Vacation.


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How much is enough?