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A Real Measurement of Financial Freedom

After we have calculated your own Financial Freedom Plan, you have earned the most valuable asset of all – more time, to spend only how you wish.

The ability to invest more time for deepened relationships, and greater purposes than ourselves, is the ultimate success. In the end, whoever has the most deposits in their memory bank, and in others, wins the game of life. So, let’s be sure we make deposits accordingly.

K&C’s role is planning, management and navigation for our partners so they have undistracted permission to invest more time on what matters most.

We enjoy sharing their wonderfully different versions of success in case it serves as motivation (it sure does for us!) to see clearly WHY make a plan and invest it wisely.

The biggest walls in our building are reserved for their photo. Not one day goes by without grinning at their inspirations.

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How Much Is Enough?