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    More time to spend in your own way is the most valuable asset of all.

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Aristotle said, "the soul never thinks without a picture." Who are we to argue with that guy? So here you go…

What you are looking at here are a few of our favorite REASONS to plan. Once all of the “hows” and the “whats” of an Income Plan are detailed, the deeper question of retirement – Why? – can be examined. Maybe just a sketch or fuzzy dream at first becomes: new challenges, homes, adventures, crafts, trips, seed money, change of pace, gifts, passion projects, or maybe just radical acts of simple kindness and giving.

Knowing exactly how much is enough to retire, with multiple income streams until either you or your spouse is 100+ years of age, affords financial freedom from worrying. We believe that the really exciting benefit of the great discipline it takes to go through the planning process is that it can actually give birth to completely new and creative ideas about WHY there should be a greater purpose for any profits above and beyond your Income Plan. A well-funded purpose can be transformative and even longer lasting.

Each of these photos was once just an idea. Why not now? K&C can help you determine every detail of how and what will make up your ongoing Income Plan, so that you can focus exclusively on the WHY. More time to spend in your own way is the most valuable asset of all and crushes all market indexes we know of. Visit the KC GRINdex on Facebook for more. Or better yet, hatch one yourself and let us know if we can help. Click here

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