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Our Story of Delivering Financial Freedom

  • Krueger & Catalano is an independent financial advisory firm in Houston, Texas. We work with individuals, families, and small businesses seeking financial planning, asset management, and retirement assurance.

    Ultimately, we deliver the concept of "Financial Freedom" for our clients through a custom income plan, which is a 1-page plan showing predictable retirement income until the age of 100.

It Started When We Left Wall Street

Our company was founded in 2006 when we (Ryan Krueger and Mike Catalano) left the "safety" of our Wall Street jobs. We recognized the increasing dysfunction of the large brokerage firms and the disappointing lack of prioritization on the individual investor. We set out to create a firm that shares old-fashioned values with families who believe in something even better than retirement -- complete financial freedom.

Done By Hand and In-House

At K&C, everything is done by hand, in-house, the old-fashioned way with only authentic investment ingredients that have stood the test of time. Ryan and Mike are committed to long-lasting partnerships with families and business owners that not only trust them to manage their accounts the same as their own families, but to also serve as guides to navigate every turn along the way.

Our Personal Accounts Mirror Our Client Accounts

Ryan and Mike work together with each family or company to build a custom income plan consisting of the same investments used in their own personal accounts. K&C does that heavy lifting of managing the investments, and then goes to work for each client implementing every piece of the plan.

Walking Hand-in-Hand With Our Clients

We call it informed simplicity explaining "How Much is Enough" for each individual, family, or business. At every turn and challenge along the way, K&C provides solutions and walks hand-in-hand with clients to make certain the plan is on track -- all the way to and through retirement. That’s peace of mind. That’s financial freedom.

How much is enough?